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Til forargrelse

Jeg legger ut dette så Kristian skal få noe å hisse seg opp over. 🙂
Alex (vokalist i Franz Ferdinand): «Some of your younger fans mignt not realise how boisterous [adj. støyende, larmende, stormende] your gigs were in the past. Is that something you expect from the shows this year?»
Morrissey: «Absolutely. Even more so. People always are propelled, which is fantastic. There’s nothing worse than people just staying in their seats, crossing their legs and flicking through a programme. That’s deadly. I couldn’t imagine anybody being bothered playing live if people were so polite. You see footage of Eric Clapton and you think, dear god. (Laughter) He has absolutely no understanding of what it is to play live. He doesn’t know. He’s never experienced it. The audience are a country away and they’re all nodding it.»

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