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Dumme amerikanere

Secondly, I have two stories of dumb arse Americans to tell.
Seeing I come from a town that relies on Tourism I have to put up with them all. Windsor is my home town, home also to Windsor Castle which is big tourism magnet. The first story happened three years ago when I was walking just along the street by Windsor Castle. As usual bumping by those dopey American tourists standing in the street staring up at it. It was then that I heard a quote I will never forget!
«Its a nice castle and all but, shouldn’t they position it nearer to the airport?»
I cracked up so much that I was in fits and the guy even looked at me in confusion. I mean, come on, this is no new castle, this castle (20 miles from Heathrow Airport) is medievil. For Heeheejrs sake: –
Heathrow Airport – 30-40 years old
Windsor Castle – 900 years old
The second story was only last week, I work in a department store in Windsor, in the Toy shop. It had been a long day and I was not with it. An American approached me at the counter and asked me to get a model out the cabinet, trying to find the right key he said «Boy, you’re busy» in which I replied in amusement «Busy is an understatement sir»,
«Yeah, I’m not suprised, its coming up to Christmas over here isn’t it?»

I decided to shut up and ignore that sentence, never had I heard anything as dumb… oh wait, yes I had, by another American. Heeheejr, I would just like to point out that over here it is May, just like you and that we celebrate Christmas in December, whats coming up is something called the Summer, when it is very hot, now we’ve just celebrated Easter, something I believe you may celebrate, who knows.

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